Discover crucial documents to assist you in planning your fish experiment at FISH-VET. Access essential resources that will guide you through the process effectively.


Prepare your new project

1. Plan an experiment with fish

A concise guide designed to aid you in planning your fish experiment. Gain insights into crucial considerations regarding time and necessary steps to effectively prepare for the initiation of your project.

2. Check list for new projects

A checklist to guide you through the essential tasks to complete before commencing your experiment.

3. Risk assessement

Risk assessment to identifying hazards that could negatively affect the project, the fish or the workers. Its aim to to helps identify inherent risks and prompt measures, processes and controls to reduce the impact of these risks on operations.

Other documents

Price list

This document is a work in progress.


The Medaka Pituitary Atlas​

It contains a detail 3D map of the distribution of the different endocrine cell populations in the juvenile and adult medaka as well as the transcriptomic profile (mRNA content) of each pituitary cell types.

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