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Welcome to FISH-VET, your go-to place for aquatic research. We’re a top-notch fish facility, combining expertise and a strong dedication to push the boundaries of aquatic science. Join us on our journey, where each dive helps uncover new insights in research and discovery.


Situated within the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, FISH-VET is a pivotal component of the Production Animal Clinical Sciences (PRODMED) department, nestled under the umbrella of the Veterinary School.

At FISH-VET, we go beyond traditional teaching methods by actively engaging in cutting-edge projects funded by diverse institutions, including the Norwegian Research Council (NFR), private contributions from the aquaculture sector (FHF – Norwegian Seafood Research Fund), and internal support from NMBU. Our dynamic initiatives span vaccine, food trials, toxicology and infection studies, with a primary focus on enhancing fish health, welfare, and refining sustainable aquaculture production techniques. Additionally, we delve into the fascinating realm of fish biology, aiming to predict how both wild and farmed fish adapt or resist environmental changes induced by human activities, like global warming. Importantly, we embrace 3Rs (replace, reduce, refine) by promoting model fish as alternative to mammalian model systems within biomedical research.

Join us on the exciting journey of advancing aquatic knowledge and promoting sustainable practices.

Our Expert Team

Meet our exceptionally skilled team, dedicated to ensuring you the best experience in our fish facility.

eirill ager-wick

Head of section


Head of the Model fish Unit

romain fontaine

Head of the Salmon Unit

david person




Simona Kavaliauskiene


Ph.D student

Ph.D student

Ass.Professor, Expert in toxicology

Professor, Expert in fish reproduction

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