Handling live animals is subject to strict regulation under Norwegian and European laws. To comply with these regulations, several steps are in place to ensure the proper conduct of experiments and the utmost consideration for animal welfare.

How does it work?

You will find most of the documents you need to fill out on our resource webpage.

01. Contact the fish facility

Reach out to us to initiate a discussion about your experiment, inquire about availability, and explore possibilities. To assist you in making the most of your initial meeting, we encourage you to download a concise document. This resource will serve as a guide, aiding you in preparing the necessary information we require for a productive discussion.

02. Receive a quote

Upon finalizing the details of your experimental setup, you will receive a customized quote. This estimate can be utilized for your funding applications, aligning with the discussed specifics of your project.

03. Submit a FOTS application and a risk assessment

In the majority of cases, obtaining a FOTS permit from Mattilsynet is a prerequisite. Additionally, a mandatory risk assessment must be conducted and submitted to the fish facility. Approval of these documents is essential before the contract can be finalized and signed.

04. Meet with the fish facility staff and its veterinarian

Reconnect with us to delve into your plan and risk assessment. According to legal requirements, the participation of the fish facility’s veterinarian is mandatory in this meeting. This session is pivotal for clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the fish facility and each party involved in the project. Additionally, it offers an excellent chance to consult with our experts for valuable insights.

05. Signing of  the contract

A customized comprehensive contract, outlining the roles of the project manager/leader and the fish facility, is established before commencement. No work initiation, space reservation, or fish ordering takes place until the contract is formally signed.

06. Make a deposit

After signing the contract, you will receive an invoice equivalent to 50% of the estimated project cost.


We are committed to supporting your experiment with top-notch services and maintaining open communication throughout the project. In the event of significant deviations from the experiment plan, requiring additional assistance or incurring unforeseen costs, we will promptly reach out to you for discussion.

08. Final payment

Upon completion of the project, a final invoice will be issued to settle any remaining expenses. The final cost may exceed the contracted amount if additional technical support beyond the initially stipulated terms has been utilized.

09. Give us your feedback

We would greatly appreciate it if you could spare just 2 minutes to fill out a brief 3-question form. Your feedback on what you liked and disliked will help us enhance the quality of our services.

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