Training programs

We provide a range of training programs tailored to both group sessions and individual needs, available on-demand. Our facility is dedicated to ensuring personalized and comprehensive learning experiences for all.

Half Day Program

Join our hands-on session lasting 3 hours, where you’ll be part of a small group (3 to 4 students). We’ll guide you through a series of techniques, empowering you to interact respectfully with fish. Practical exercises include working on small model fish or salmon, covering tasks like tissue dissection (brain, liver, gonads, heart), fin clipping, blood sampling, as well as anesthesia and euthanasia procedures.

Full Day Program

Embark on a full-day exploration with a small group of 3 to 4 students, as we guide you through an extensive array of techniques applicable to small model fish or salmon. Building on the half-day program, this session introduces additional skills like cardiac and egg injections. Dive into hands-on practical exercises to reinforce your learning experience.

Specific skills

We also offer personalized instruction in a variety of specific techniques upon request. 

This encompasses practices in fundamental research with small model fish, such as fluorescent labeling of blood vessels or intraperitoneal injection, cardiac perfusion, gonadectomy, and sperm sampling.

We also offer a comprehensive range of training on salmon from basics skills (dissection, blood sampling, etc.) up to advance techniques, such as cardiac perfusion or labeling of blood vessels with fluorescent markers.

Finally, we provide courses that present the operation of a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) designed for model fish or salmon.

List of training

Training sessions are available for working with model fish or salmon at our facilities.






Questions ?

Start by reaching out to us, and we'll work together to identify the perfect training program tailored to your needs and project.

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