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Fish Investigation & Study Hub for Veterinary Education and Training

Welcome to our state-of-the-art fish facility built in 2021, where you will unlock unparalleled opportunities for fish housing, breeding, and cutting-edge research with specialized instruments tailored for studying model fish, such as zebrafish, medaka, and salmonids.

Our fish facility offers a world of possibilities, from infection and toxicology studies to behavioral research and beyond. It is  equipped with the latest technologies and highly qualified staff, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive approach to advancing your aquatic research goals.

But that’s not all – our fish facility go the extra mile by offering dynamic training programs in fish biology, husbandry, and research techniques. Tailored for veterinary, nurse students, and biologists alike, these programs provide hands-on experience and knowledge transfer that will elevate your expertise to new height.

Your aquatic research journey begins with us!

Our Species

In our fish facility you can study two model fish species (zebrafish and the Japanese medaka), as well as aquaculture species, such as Atlantic salmon and trout.

Zebrafish - Danio rerio


Danio rerio

Most famous and used laboratory fish species in the world, zebrafish is a perfect model for advanced scientific research on vertebrate development and biology.


Oryzias latipes

The Japanese medaka is the second most-used fish model in the world, with the advantage of being tolerant to saline water and possessing a genotypic sex determination system.


Salmo salar

The Atlantic salmon is an iconic species in aquaculture; however, it is endangered in the wild. Salmon undergoes a complex life cycle, residing in rivers for part of its life and in the ocean for the other part.


Oncorhynchus mykiss

Rainbow trout is probably the most widely introduced fish species in the world, popular in recreational fishing and widely used in aquaculture.

Our fish facility

Experience our state-of-the-art aquatic facility, where you can dive into the ongoing innovative projects.

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Your aquatic research journey begins with us!

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