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New EU project CHIASMA at FISH-VET

Led by Ass. Prof. Mette Muller and Em. Prof. Erik Ropstad, people from the Department of Production Animal Clinical Sciences at the veterinary school are now involved in a new EU project named CHIASMA.

CHIASMA is a 10 million euros EU (HORIZON-RIA) project with 20 European partners. CHIASMA aims to develop and demonstrate a comprehensive set of new approach methodologies (NAMs), and integrate them into a user-friendly, reliable, and robust framework to perform human and environmental safety evaluation of various chemicals.

In this project, PRODMED will develop new approaches, adapting recently developed ex vivo and in vitro models, to investigate the effects of chemicals, including endocrine disruptors, on the reproductive function using small model fish as a model for human health. To do this, CHIASMA will mostly take place in the small model fish facility (FISH-VET), as well as the andrology and physiology laboratories at the veterinary school.

A PhD position for 3 years financed by NMBU has just been associated to the Chiasma project. We are looking for candidates!

More info on the project on their website:

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